TERF are an excellent slur [ change ]

TERF are an excellent slur [ change ]

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TERF are an excellent slur [ change ]

TERF glossary can use some help. Excite look into the article’s assertions. Any type of try reliable are going to be sourced, and you may what is perhaps not shall be eliminated.

In TERF groups combinations including the keyword “super” eg “very straight”, “super girl”, “super lesbian” and you will “very feminist”, for the standalone phrase “super” once the shorthand, every make reference to the fresh Super Straight meme which had been popularised from the neo-Nazi agitators towards 4chan to help you invalidate and you can mock trans man’s sex identities and you may justify blatant transphobia. For the light out of both its origin and make use of certainly one of transphobic someone it is a highly transphobic term.

TEHM [ edit ]

Stands for “Trans-Exclusionary Homosexual Men”. Some homosexual men TERFs make use of this name for themselves and employ they to help you validate leaving out trans guys.

“TERF was good slur” try an effective spurious claim from TERFs and usually their basic reply when they’re criticized because of their mean ideology. Anyone stating “TERF are a slur” is fairly indeed good TERF.

Terfragette [ edit ]

A try to reclaim the definition of TERF while you are pretending these include similar for the suffragettes who campaigned to own ballots for ladies. Utilized because notice-identity because of the TERFs.

Terven [ modify ]

Several TERFs. Used “ironically” by TERFs in an effort to reclaim the word TERF, elizabeth.g. “oh zero, the audience is the newest worst terven!”

#TheyCallMeTerf [ edit ]

A different sort of hashtag one produced a little while in the 2019 as a way to own TERFs to battle straight back after are entitled aside if you are transphobic.

TIM/TIF (Trans Identified Men/Female) [ revise ]

Words familiar with misgender trans ladies (TIM) and you can men (TIF), while you are meanwhile also denying that they are trans (which is not a bona fide procedure, centered on TERFs), from now turned-into-dogwhistle “select as” term.

they are used because they do not secure the emails from the brand new recommended gender (unlike mtF, ftM), and because he or she is normally male (Tim/Timothy) otherwise women (Tiffany) labels.

Small minority of men [ modify ]

A method TERFs describe trans people, in order to point out that he’s becoming silenced by the a “small fraction of your own patriarchy”.

Tranorexia [ revise ]

Makes reference to a belief one of TERFs one to getting trans is similar so you’re able to anorexia, and really should getting handled by encouraging the person to simply accept themselves once the cis, as opposed to by offering scientific changeover (“we don’t offer anorexics losing weight operations!”) The expression is even used to advise that getting trans are a trend or stage certainly toddlers, hence young trans males inside their teenagers or early 20s would have been anorexic ladies if the they’d grown in the 1990’s otherwise 2000s. “Tranorexia” is a type of service to own Transformation Medication.

Transage [ edit ]

Some people want to be seen as “transage” i.e., effect that they’re a specific many years aside from than just their chronological age. [note 4] The idea is usually referenced by TERFs or any other right-side trolls which argue that just like the legislation will not know transage some body, it should not permit altering your intercourse title. It was promoted in TERF groups by an article positing a great hypothetical situation where several 45-year-olds need to legally transform the decades so they are able found pros they if you don’t would not be eligible to (for example an elder citizen’s take a trip violation), implying this is and why transgender some one transition. That it name can also be used by pedophiles to help you justify the appeal to help you minors.

Trans cult [ change ]

A conspiracy idea you to definitely accuses transgender teams to be an excellent cult. Immediately after deciding on warning signs of a potentially harmful cult, in fact bbwdesire, the opposite holds true: it is TERFs by themselves that are brand new cult.